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Recent Testimonials

Below is a list of testimonials kindly supplied by our customers.

Steven Creed - Managing Director – Brickhampton Golf Complex
My name is Steven Creed & I am the new Managing Director at Brickhampton Golf Complex having taken over in January 2016. This is Brickhamptons 25th year & it has already established itself as a go to golf complex in the area. We have an 18 hole  course and a 9 hole green course & a club house that is second to none in terms of offering high quality food and drink. We also have a 28 bay floodlit driving range which has in the region of 40 thousand visits. We have a great management team here and we all pride ourselves on our friendly service and welcome visitors to use them at anytime. 

My job when coming in was to take an already very successful business to the next level. We are the fist club in the country to introduce Footgolf. This has been very successful regularly seeing in excess of over 200 visitors over a weekend. The bar menu & drinks area has been revamped and we now see business and visitors coming in just for the food. We’ve also managed to double our hardware sales after the installation of a purpose built studio using the latest GC2 launch monitor.

However, the biggest investment to date has been the instruction of 15 new Power Tees. From what I understand Matt has been trying to get here for some time but without any joy. However being new to the business I was intrigued and set up a meeting with him. I was sold. Having them fitted at the end of August and despite some reservations from some members the compliments are now flowing and the usage has increased dramatically. The idea that someone can get the correct stance and not have to move whilst hitting shot after shot has played a big part in this. Matt has been on hand throughout the process offering advice & ideas along the way on how to increase usage. He’s been a great help.

The installation team turned up as planned and despite the noise they made which understandably is unavoidable they were always sympathetic to put the need of our customers first. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with.

The Oast Golf Club
Having started his professional golf coaching career under the guidance of Geoff Horley at The Oaks Golf Club in Surrey, Jon Woodroffe has now returned nearly 30 years later as the new Director of Golf at this busy 27 hole public golf facility on the outskirts of Sutton South London.

In the eighties Jon led a team of 7 PGA professionals introducing hundreds of new people to golf through beginners group classes. As one of the only golf ranges in the area, the business was brisk. Fast forward 30 years and the decline in golf as well as many more golf ranges in the area has meant that by standing still the range at The Oaks has gone backwards.

In his first month in the role Jon has overseen the installation of 13 Power Tees in the 16 bay range as well as new bay dividers and a major redecoration of the range building.

With the upgrade of the range facility along with Jon offering free beginners group classes, the team at The Oaks are aiming to get more people starting golf and enjoying the beginner friendly atmosphere and facilities at this attractive family owned golf centre. 

Jon has had a distinguished career and worked at some of the UK’s busiest facilities. We asked him his views on Power Tees and what are the main benefits. 

Jon told us “Power Tees bring the most professional look to a driving range. It is without doubt the automated tee of choice. All of the ranges I have worked at have had Power Tees and the customers’ response has always been magnificent. 

The Power Tees themselves are easy to maintain and on a small range in busy periods we get more balls hit by more customers. 

Customer service is of paramount importance to me and by offering our customers the best mat to practice from which we do with Power Tees on site we reap the benefits of a happier customer base that wants to spend more time here and spend more money with us. 

During challenging times it is easy for businesses to see the cost of everything but the value of very little, we have created a great environment for our customers to practice in, and the immediate response has been fantastic from our staff and customers as it is equally important to demonstrate to our staff that we are wanting to offer more to our customers too. 

We have introduced longer opening hours on site so golfers can come early morning and hit balls from 7:30am and then use our restaurant for breakfast, and we remain open until 10pm Monday- Thursday with golfers yet again able to take advantage of the great fare we serve in our restaurant. We close at 8pm Friday through Sunday. 

With our revamped facility, rejuvenated staff, more flexible hours of operation, we are really providing a facility we can be proud of and our customers proud to use. 
I would recommend Power Tee® to any range owner that is looking to provide a quality environment for practice and anyone looking to generate business growth. 

Snainton Upgrade
John Hinchcliffe PGA Professional and owner of the successful Snainton Golf talks to us about the recent upgrade of the Power Tees on site at Snainton.

"We had Power Tee® originally installed around nine years ago. We were one of the early innovators that embraced the Power Tee* technology and differentiated ourselves in our area. 

Power Tee® is the obvious choice if you want your driving range to be the best in your area, they have stood the test of time and evolved. They are in my opinion the only viable option for an automated tee on the driving range. 

Our upgrade ran smoothly as you come to expect from a company with such high standards. The superb insights given to us by Matt Foley for marketing the Power Tees and the facility are all part of the Power Tee® package, they really are more than just a great product.

Snainton Golf has its head office situated near Scarborough and is the home of www.snaintongolf.co.uk one of the UK's premium golf websites. Snainton Golf offers all the latest golf equipment at the best possible prices. 

Differentiating ourselves from our competitors has always been at the forefront of what we do throughout all of our stores. We have two superstores (Snainton and Sheffield) and we also stock 14 Pro shops on a profit share basis. Being a PGA professional I understand how tough retail is for green-grass sites which is why we work with so many Pros, who might not have the wherewithal to retail as they would like or simple do not wish to retail, I am proud to work with my fellow professionals and help their business succeed. 

At Snainton Golf we are proud to offer great service with the best prices available, this is a combination that has seen us continue to grow our business. 

Our business is diverse as I was always wary of having all my eggs in one basket, the different income streams mean that if one element has a quiet period the others compensate and still perform strongly."

Matt Foley Sales Director - Power Tee® said "I have known John for many years and have always admired how well he runs his entire operation. Retail is exciting and a great arena to work in, if you have a passion for it, if not leave it to those that do! John has that passion and the 'Eye for retail' his attention to detail and the quality of service he expects from all of his team is unrivalled. I was pleased to meet up with John again recently as he expressed his desire to upgrade his Power Tees, after 9 years I think the originals had served a good innings! The new 'Noir' edition look great on John's range with his black rubber crumb flooring and his fantastic looking outfield. Our remit is to provide our customers with the world's best automated teeing system and to offer the very best service we can in support of that. Our commercial insights are part of what we do, it is great to hear such positive feedback from industry leaders, our respect of them is mutual. "

Should you wish to speak to John about how Power Tee® works for him at Snainton or how he may be able to help your retail in your store contact john@snaintongolf.co.uk

To find out how Power Tee® will improve your range business contact enquiries@powertee.co.uk and one of the team will contact you.

Father and son practice on Keele’s brand new Power Tees
Owner Suzanne Smith said:
The beauty of dealing with Power Tee® is you know you are dealing with a credible company that not only deliver what they say they will but exceed your expectations. 
The new Power Tee® is fantastic and our customers are really enjoying our new Black Power Tees. We are only the 7th site in the world to have this edition and we have to say it looks superb!
We have an interactive outfield that engages golfers of all abilities, and whilst we have had other facilities open near us in the past few years, we have continued to grow our business. Power Tee® has differentiated us in the market place and has proven to our customers that we care about their practice environment by offering them a better quality experience. 
Power Tee® works for everyone, be it a beginner enjoying hitting balls from it, a seasoned golfer who wants to concentrate on their swing or the customers that just want to come and whack a large basket of balls for fun. Power Tee® enables us to grow our business and to say to our customers that we provide them with the best mat to hit from in golf! The better golfers understand that the stand mat is like hitting from a fairway lie and enjoy that but then they have the Fibrebuilt® strike mat that performs like the semi-rough, then we have the multi tee height that enables golfers to have the most concise practice they will get to prepare them to be course ready!
The golf industry has had a tough time but we believed that if we kept providing a great service and facility we would come through the tough times and see the benefits of that. A lot of hard work and care has gone in to our facility and the fact that golfers return time and time again means we are doing something right. 
If you do not have Power Tee® on your range, you have to question whether you are offering the best environment to practice in for your customers. The product is superb, the service is first class and the training is eye opening with the ideas that are shared. 
We are pleased we have upgraded to the new Power Tee® noir edition, and look forward to continuing to work with Power Tee® for many years to come.

Celtic Manor Resort - Alex Davies Academy Manager
Alex Davies Academy Manager said “Having worked with Power Tee for many years at The Belfry I knew the benefits of the product and how much customers enjoyed using it. When it came to looking at how we improved our Academy at Celtic Manor resort, Power Tee was at the top of my wish list in order for us to increase revenues and enhance experience.

The customer feedback since installing Power Tee has been fantastic with all customers enjoying the enhancement we have made to our Driving Range. The start of August has been the busiest start to any month we've had in balls dispensed and Power tee definitely have a part to play in that success.
As many people in the industry know Power Tee is more than just the product as their insight into innovative ways to encourage extra spend throughout the facility is proven to be a successful addition to the Power Tees themselves. We look forward to working with Power Tee for many years to come. As a 5* resort our Academy is now in line with the rest of the facility.

Regent Park Golf Centre
Regent Park Golf Centre in Bolton has recently completed £2Million pound transformation. The project has taken 4 years, with 5 brand new holes designed by Dave Thomas Ltd, a new 9 hole Family Course also designed by Dave Thomas Ltd, a major Clubhouse Refurbishment, Brand new Dave Clarke Golf Discount Shop, £200,000 of brand new Maintenance kit, a fleet of electric hire buggies and a complete re-fit of the 20 Bay Floodlit Driving Range.

Managing Director Robin Day said, “I am delighted at the transformation we have achieved here, we have created a New Model for Golf,  Friendly, Relaxed, Welcoming, with facilities targeted at all levels and specifically Families, ladies and Juniors.

The range is a great success and the new power-tees are an absolute hit. Most particularly with the exact audience we are trying to attract, the ladies and the Juniors. For me Automation is a must, the product is by far the best on the market and the service and back-up has been first class”.


Norfolk Premier Golf - Jack Pointer - Manager
We replaced all of our existing Power Tees with the band new models. Each day our customers both loyal and new tell us how much they "enjoyed" the new Power Tees. The new models have a more efficient practice for the individuals, aid the golfer in a catalogue of ways and also look the part. Having trialled two other automated tees, we realised for build quality and reliability that Power Tee was the way to go. We have been happy and look forward to our future with Power Tee.

Playgolf World have installed Power Tees at all of their ranges as part of their major investment in golf

Playgolf World are delighted to announce the introduction of Power Tees at three of its golf clubs.


This includes:

·          10 power tee bays at Playgolf Bournemouth

·          12 power tee bays at Playgolf Colchester

·          16 power tee bays at Playgolf London

This will add to our already fantastic facilities currently offering golf, gym, beauty, driving range, restaurant, baseball batting cages and many more.


Our partnership with Power Tee was formed through their outstanding reputation and our drive to improve the customer experience at our facilities.


The Power Tees are obviously the only choice for quality establishments who want automated teeing systems. Whilst we have noticed the obvious commercial benefits of having Power Tee, it is ultimately what statement we have made about our facility, our clients young, old, regular user and new to our facilities are all enjoying the enhancements we have made and are thanking us for providing them with a great place to practice.

The new technically enhanced Power Tee means less maintenance and our customers are enjoying their practice sessions more.


All in all, we are excited about the future and believe power tees are a huge benefit to our centres.  
Richard Gayton - Marketing 


Lytham Golf Academy - Daniel Webster - PGA Professional

Lytham Golf Academy owner Daniel Webster (Foremost P.G.A. Professional of the year and head professional at St. Annes Old Links) has dramatically changed the fortunes of this facility.


Daniel said “The first thing we had to do was create a more natural flow to the facility, the range entrance was separate to the store entrance so I created a new entrance to the range which leads customers through my store on the way to the range and back out again, giving our retail arm more exposure. The targets are all new on the outfield and we now have an area where golfers can keep warm, enjoy a hot beverage and sit down and socialise whilst watching sky sports on our large TV.


The store has many leading brands to choose from and we are not a male dominated retailer, with a large section of ladies hardware and apparel on offer, we feel we offer the best selection in our area for all golfers regardless of ability, age or gender.


It has been important to create the right environment for the facility and with the great team we have here we are striving to achieve our goals. The warm and friendly welcome everyone receives is testimony to the hard work we put in as being in a customer service industry we know how important it is to exceed expectations. Having addressed the configuration of the facility and got the customer service side set up it was time to look at how the range could start returning more for the business.


I met with Power Tee and although I knew a little about them I after our initial meeting I was impressed with their professional approach and attitude that it was all about our business, plus what I had heard from fellow range owners whose opinion I trust meant that when it came to installing Power Tee on my range I was happy to go ahead with them. Whilst you believe everything you do proactively will work you still have to question they why’s and what if’s, however once we had Power Tee installed we saw our customers enjoyment from day 1.


We have sold more loyalty cards since we installed Power Tee and the ideas that came up from the training they do have been a welcome addition value to the great product they provide. Having the whole team sit in on the training both product and commercial has helped us for a good relationship with Power Tee from the outset, the team are looking forward to the new season ahead.


Having had an attitude that we can do rather than we should has seen the retail and range come of age under what we hope to be a long a fruitful tenure. My you tube channel Web4golf is proving popular with range users and golfers of all abilities, our message is clear come to us and enjoy your practise.


I am looking forward to working with Power Tee for many years to come as their service is first class and I would recommend Power Tee to any range owner looking to add value to their business.

Hagley Golf and Country Club - Peter G Johnson

The Hagley Golf and Country Club has been established for over 30 years and is located beneath the beautiful Clent Hills.  The 6376 yard 18 hole mature parkland Course is well respected in the area. It is known for its first class greens and there are natural water hazards on six of the holes.

The Spacious Clubhouse has four bars including Bar 19, the Spike bar. It has a restaurant and function suites and can host conferences, private functions, weddings, live entertainment and Sunday lunches.
The Driving Range and Golf Academy is one of the most advanced in the Midlands.  It is run by PGA Professionals who have access to the latest coaching technology and specific teaching bays.  They also provide a comprehensive custom Club fitting service for members and visitors.  The Range uses Nike balls, Fiberbuilt Golf mats and even has some heated bays. The Golf Driving Range and Golf Academy opened five years ago and after researching the options Power Tee came out as the obvious choice for our automatic tee system.

Throughout the first five years our business relationship has continued to grow and the ongoing sales support from Power Tee with innovative ways in which we could enhance our Range and increase our turnover has benefitted us greatly.

When we reached the end of our term we were happy to continue our relationship with Power Tee. The new enhanced Power Tee means less maintenance for our Pro-shop team and our customers are enjoying their practice sessions more.


When we upgraded it coincided with our restructure and we had full product training and sales training. The future is looking promising for our facility with a new vision from our professional staff and our customers are very happy that we stuck with Power Tee for our next term.

With their ideas, support and training we think that Power tee deserves to be the market leader in automatic tees.  Power Tee has provided us with great customer service and we look to the next five years working with them.

Formby Hall Golf Resort and Spa - Mark Williams - P.G.A. Professional
At Formby Hall Golf Resort and Spa we are proud to be a PGA Academy, and attract golfers of all ability to our range. Obviously via our residential golf offerings we have golfers from around the world staying with us and playing across the site with the range, Par 3 Course and our 18 hole golf course offering various challenges to all. We are fortunate to have a couple of European Tour winners that practise regularly with us in Lee Slattery and Tommy Fleetwood.

The good work we have done here has been recognised by England Golf who regularly bring their elite squads both boys and girls here to practise. With the facilities we have on offer being available all year round they have a continuity with their practise here. Our Gym also allows them to work on their core strength and conditioning so that they have everything they need here at Formby Hall Golf Resort and Spa.

In 2008 we upgraded our range with Power Tee, having had an encounter with a cheap form of automation previously, and what it a difference it made working with such a professional company. The Power Tees are obviously the only choice for quality establishments who want automated teeing systems but their dedication to providing us with a great service and support throughout the past 5 years has lead to us not only upgrading to the latest version of Power Tee but adding 9 more to our range.

Throughout the 5 years we have had contact with Power Tee and have been impressed with their insight into commercial ideas, offering us different ways in which we can engage with our clients. With many companies they are only too happy to send you the equipment then only make contact when they want another order but our relationship with Power Tee has been the total opposite.

We know as a PGA Academy we have to work harder to exceed expectations, this can also be said of PGA official suppliers, and Power Tee have certainly done that, All of our team enjoy working with the product and it has certainly enhanced our facility.

We have recently launched a new coaching initiative 'Give Golf a Go!'  which sees beginners benefitting from a monthly programme and access to coaching sessions. The Power Tees have proven especially popular with these groups as when we coach them on tee height adjustment and working on consistency, Power Tee's incremental tee height has meant we can work more fluently with them, and they can replicate it easily when they practise on their own.

We are glad to work with Power Tee and we at Formby Hall Golf Resort and Spa are looking forward to many more years of working together with them.

Kingswinford Golf Centre - James Murphy
At Kingswinford Golf Centre our aim is to provide the community with a first class complex where golfers of all abilities can enjoy, learn and develop their game. We have a 21 bay floodlit driving range with heating facilities and 12 bays are automated with Power Tee. We are proud to play host to The Darren Prosser Academy. Our resident professional utilizes GASP swing analysis software and the GC2 launch monitor technology in his indoor teaching studio.

Before building our facility many hours of research and consulting though out the UK was integrated into our plan. Aiming to develop a state of the art facility we recognised that selecting the market leaders was of the up most importance.

For us as with the rest of the golfing world when it came to selecting our automatic teeing system there was only one real plausible choice and that was Power Tee. Not only is their product way ahead in the market place, their professionalism, their helpfulness, their ability to work with our contractors, and their post installation sales training all have added up to us being glad we chose Power Tee to work with.

We were delighted to appoint Darren Prosser as resident professional. An extremely professional, friendly and experienced golfer with over 26 years of experience. He is currently a Class A member of the PGA, current captain of Staffordshire PGA and has experience playing in European Tour Events, the BMW PGA championship at Wentworth, The Open and many more. The indoor studio has state of the art training systems available to improve all aspects of your game.

We are also very excited about our 9 hole course which will be open in 2014, the opportunity we have to grow the game of golf through our driving range and then our 9 hole golf course will be a clear differential in our area, allowing us to welcome all golfers regardless of ability. Kingswinford Golf Centre we hope will be the fore runner for facilities such as this moving forward.

George Lowe - Rutland County Golf Club - Upgrade

" Thank you PowerTee, for the painless upgrade to our system. The inclusion of the left hand system in Bay 10, has

created a high level of interest and considerably raised the morale of our left-handed players. The upgrade has caused us to re-focus on our marketing of the Driving Range. We are currently finishing off our press releases which outline several new challenges for Ranger users. Although in five years, we have only had to return two ball engines, we look forward to reaping the benefits of the upgrade."

Paul Woods - PGA Professional and owner of Altrincham Golf Range

At Altrincham we are trying to provide a facility that appeals to all levels of golfer, from beginners to aspiring tour players. Our head Coach Dan Whittacker is a well respected and has pupils coming from far and wide for lessons here.


Our facility has benefitted from having Power Tee for over 5 years and whilst I inherited them initially from the previous owner, I have been only to pleased to upgrade to the latest version of Power Tee in July 2013.


Whilst the bean counters in accounts were looking at all contracts and where we should be cutting our cloth, upgrading with the new Power Tee’s was a no brainer for me as my customers love using them, we got a new system with great enhanced features and we are saving on what we were previously spending, I would call that a win, win!


We have 12 new Power Tees on site and the response has been fantastic, our customers love the new look and the fact that there are no ball jambs, they have a more fluent practice. For as long as our customers are happy and spending money with us we are happy.


Power Tee have been most helpful with the post installation training, not only the product knowledge but the insight into different commercial opportunities, the different competitions, skills test, ways of utilising our whole facility not just the range. My team and I have benefitted from spending time with Matt and going through ideas from junior coaching to covering ladies, beginners and existing golfers. We feel that we are enhancing our range with Power Tee and their valuable information.


If you haven’t got Power Tee on your range, I would certainly recommend you see them and find out for yourself what they are about as it is not just the equipment but the wealth of industry knowledge that we found valuable to our business.


Long may our relationship with Power Tee continue!

Hill Valley Golf Centre - David Forbes - Owner

In 20 years of owning a Driving Range, we have never seen such a large increase in new customers to the site, increase in customer spend, increase in golf ball sales and an increase in usage of our Par 3 course, this has been as a direct result of installing Power Tee.


The average spend has increased as has the amount of time customers are spending with us since we had Power Tee on site.


We marketed the fact that Power Tee had been installed and noticed how our business grew, the customers then became our mobile advertising as 'Word of Mouth' soon got around with new customers coming from far and wide to use our improved facility.


Our range now attracts more groups and a more diverse client base. We have noticed that since our Power Tee installation that more women use our range as well as more children. Our golfing community have seemingly embraced our improvements and are continuing to regularly use our facility.


Our continued growth is both encouraging and gratifying as we clearly made the right decision in moving our business forward with Power Tee.

June 2011

Rother Valley Golf Centre - Richard Hanson - Centre Manager

Since Power Tee was installed on our range 20 months ago our range takings have increased month on month year on year.


We are a multi facility site with the Driving Range, a Par 3 Course and a full 18 Hole Golf Course and since the installation we have attracted more new clients and higher percentage of regular users and the usage throughout the facility has increased.


We attribute Power Tee as the catalyst for the growth of our business across the site, as the traffic from the range has transcended across to the course. Our Par 3 has benefitted from schools coming down to use the range then move across to the Par 3 course.


Our marketing budget has been limited so our growth has been organic, with ‘Word of Mouth’ being our main form of letting the community know about our improvements. This if anything has added weight to what we have done here on site with golfers and non golfers telling their friends to use our facility. Most of our clients claim that we have the best range in the area now.


Now we have grown our business we are able to make enhancements to the whole facility, this is only possible after we ensured we had our Range in order.
June 2011


Brandon Wood Golf Course - Neil Orton - Warwickshire


Having looked at Power Tee over the past 18 months we decided to install in December 2010 to ensure we were ready for the 2011 season. Whilst the weather was closing courses we still took revenue through the range. Our aim is to market the Power Tees and have a big push for March 2011, however what has happened in January and February has taken us all by surprise on site. We are already back to pre – recession takings on the range and have not gone to the media as yet to tell the general public.


We have noticed a significant amount of new customers that have come to the site saying, “We hear you have Power Tees on the range, can I have a basket of balls please!” This has been great as it has enabled my team to up sell the new customers on to Digicards. We have never sold so many Digicards and we have noticed that our regular golf course users have now started using the range. There is a great feeling on site with the staff happy to be busier and the positive feedback we are getting about what we are doing on site.


Having such a great response to the installation of Power Tees we have added value to our business and the word is clearly spreading amongst the golfing fraternity in our area. We look forward to the continued success of our driving range and just wish we had put them in 18 months ago when we first met with Power Tee, as we could of being making this money before now.


We look forward to the business continuing to grow and we will have no hesitation in adding more Power Tees when the time is right for the range. The post installation sales training was informative and gave us plenty of ideas on how we can continue to move our business forward.


I would recommend Power Tee to any establishment that wishes to add value to their business and add revenue to their balance sheet.

Peter Willis - Sedgley Golf Centre - West Midlands

Having took over Sedgley Golf Centre in May 2008 the 14 Bay Driving range and 9 hole golf course were in need of refurbishment.

The first area identified for improvement was the driving range and with that end, we installed 14 Power Tees. The success of the installation resulted in queuing on the range for bays which was a first for the centre.

The queuing situation started to become an issue for us, so we decided to build a concrete base outside so that we could install 4 more Power Tees as they assured us that they would be fine even though they would be totally exposed. Having had one of the harshest winters in recent history we were delighted that not only did the outdoor Power Tees perform but our business has continued to grow, to the point where we are now looking at how we can expand further and add extra bays.

The business expansion plans are in line with my original vision of where Sedgley Golf Centre should be. We are now offering a far superior facility to the community, which has lead to the local schools utilising our establishment on a regular basis, with groups of able and disabled school children benefitting from the golfing experience here at Sedgley.

The continued growth of our range business has pleasantly surprised me as I initially thought that after 3 or 4 months it would level off, but we are still flourishing and continuing to grow.

Power Tee have worked alongside the enthusiasm, hard work and professionalism of our staff at Sedgley Golf Centre, long may the site continue to prosper.

David Issitt Jnr - Humberstone Golf Range - Leicester
We have been operating with the Power Tee system for several years now, we started with just 4 tees in our 30 bay Range and soon added another 8 as the demand to use the Power Tees was increasing.
We have just had our 5th installation which has converted our facility into a fully automated range.
Before we had our last installation, the last 5 bays did not have Power Tees and my customers prefer to wait for a Power Tee to become free, rather than using one of the 5 free bays.
Overall we are very happy with the product and the service that we receive from the Golf-Tech staff, they are always willing to help no matter how small the problem is, an excellent company and product. April 2008

Lucy Holmes - Cocken Lodge Golf Driving Range - Tyne & Wear
"Since having the Power Tees installed in November 2007, we have seen
a significant increase in both the number of people on the range, and the number of balls being sold. We have found that after one article in the
Golf North East Magazine, the interest has been phenomenal, and no further advertising has been required, as “word of mouth” is bringing in plenty of new customers. The feedback from customers new and old alike, has all been positive with comments such as “fantastic, can’t wait to show my friends”. Since having the Power Tees fitted the range now looks much more professional, and the ambiance has improved with people wanting to talk to each other about the new tees, which then leads onto general conversation. We regularly have queues now, and were amazed to have a full range even on the evening of an England football match. We are so happy with the installation of the Power Tees to our 12 indoor bays, that we are now considering installing them on our 6 outdoor bays. We are now looking forward to a very busy season."

Simon Forrest - Styal Golf Club - Manchester
"Best product of its time. We have people queuing to use the Power Tees. All golfers using our range now see Power Tee as being the norm. It really is head and shoulders above everything out there."

Mark Pearson - De Vere Oulton Hall - Leeds
"A great product. All of our customers are extremely happy with Power Tee and are continuously praising the range. We have seen a vast increase in ball sales as well as an increase in new customers.
Excellent service also provided. Highly recommended."

Alan Hope - Middlesbrough Golf - Middlesbrough
“Reliability is a key with the Power Tees.  They have been so reliable and the impact on our ball sales has been fantastic”.

Chris Gill - Moreton Hills Golf Centre - Merseyside
“We are focussed on providing the best service to our customers.  Power Tee has helped us dramatically and the increased turnover generated has been an added bonus.”

Mark Wright - Westridge Golf Centre - Isle of Wight
“I can’t believe that there are still ranges out there that don’t have Power Tees …it’s just crazy!”

Bob Kenzie - Oastpark Golf Centre - Kent
“Power Tees increase customer awareness of our facility and raise the bar on where other ranges need to be.”

Rob Chapman - Stonelees Golf Centre - Kent
“We have been extremely impressed with the Power Tees since they were installed and they have added an extra dimension to our business.”

Graham Curtin - Carus Green Golf Centre - Cumbria
“If you are looking for a non-gimmicky product to enhance and improve your range, there is nothing on the market you can buy that is more effective than Power Tee.”

Terry Healy - Portsmouth Golf Centre - Portsmouth
“Providing Power Tee to golfers on a commercial range should be the absolute minimum standard and is as important as providing good balls and good mats, and is the future.”

Ed McCausland - Trent Lock Golf Centre - Long Eaton
“Power Tee put my ball sales up by 35% last year.  Not only that, it’s attracting far more new golfers to my range than I thought was possible which has had dramatic effects in other areas too.  In fact, I’ve never seen my bar and restaurant busier.”

If you have Power Tee installed at your range and would like to add your testimonial to this page, please send us an email with your comments and details of your range. Thank you.
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