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The Queens Awards
Awarded to Golf-Tech Ltd.

The Queens Awards

Official PGA supplier

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Power Tee - Designed and manufactured in Britain.

The system is very easy to use

1. Load your balls into the hopper

Buy a basket of balls from the dispenser as normal and then pour them into the hopper by opening the lid on the side of the mat.

2. Set up for your shot

The first ball is immediately fed onto the tee. Check your position and make sure the tee is the correct height for your chosen golf club.

3. Adjust the height of the tee

The tee has up to 40 adjustable tee heights (4 standard). To adjust the height you simply touch the lower button on the control panel. TIP 1 - Holding the button down causes the tee to move millimetre by millimetre. When the tee reaches the desired height, let go and the tee height will be remembered. TIP 2 - If you use your golf club, you don't have to move your feet.

4. Iron shots

Iron shots can be hit from the top quality Fiberbuilt strike mat or the firmer standing mat, designed to give the golfer the feel of a well manicured fairway. The ball will be replaced in the same way as if you had hit the ball from the tee.

5. The next shot

After the ball has been hit it is automatically replaced with another until all the balls are used.


Using Power Tee
Load up the balls
Loading the hopper

Tee up

Adjust the height

Adjust the height
Option to hit from the strike mat

New ball appears

New ball appears

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